Committee details


Purpose of committee

The Cabinet is responsible for making day-to-day decisions within the Council.  It must ensure that decisions are made within the Council’s agreed policies and finances.


The Cabinet is made up of 8 Portfolios. A Portfolio is an area of responsibility.  A Cabinet Member is the Councillor who has responsibility for a service area.


NB: See the Membership section for details of the Cabinet Members. The Portfolio responsibilities are listed on their individual contact pages.


Cabinet Members are also able to make decisions individually which fall within their portfolio or area of responsibility.  They may only do this, if the decisions do not have a significant impact.  Where a decision would have such impact, it is called a 'Key' Decision and must be made by the Cabinet as a whole.




Persons (other than Members) wishing to address Cabinet must register their intention to do so by 12 noon on the day of the meeting.


NB: Please contact the Support Officer to register to speak. 


Only thirty minutes in total will be allowed for addresses, so that if speakers each take three minutes no more than ten speakers will be heard.  Each speaker will be allowed to speak for a maximum of three minutes at each meeting.  Speakers will normally be heard in the order in which they registered to speak.  However, the Chair of Cabinet may decide to depart from that order in the interest of hearing a greater diversity of views on an item, or hearing views on a greater number of items.  The Chair of Cabinet may also decide to allow a greater number of addresses and a greater time slot subject still to the maximum three minutes per address for such addresses for items of special public interest.


Members who wish to address Cabinet shall notify the Chair prior to the commencement of the meeting.  Such addresses will be for a maximum of three minutes unless the Chair exercises discretion to allow longer.  The time these addresses take will not count towards the thirty minute period referred to above so as to prejudice any other persons who have registered their wish to speak.


Contact information

Support officer: Democratic Services 01604 837722.

Postal address:
Democratic Services
The Guildhall
St Giles Square

Phone: 01604 837722