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N/2020/1349 - Change of Use from Care Home (Use Class C2) to supported living accommodation for the homeless (Sui Generis). Kingsley Nursing Home , 18 - 20 Kingsley Road


 The Principal Planning Officer submitted a report to the Committee. Members’ attention was drawn to the addendum which contained further representations. The only external alteration proposed was the replacement of 1 window to a door. The site would be secured with 1 video monitored entrance where staff can let users in. A number of other existing entrances to the property would become alarmed fire escapes and the property would be served by 1 main entrance. 13 bedrooms, kitchen, reception and staff offices were proposed on the ground floor and 13 bedrooms and a further kitchen on the first floor, with bathrooms and clothes washing facilities on both. 1 further bedroom and staff office would be located on the second floor. The basements would all be used as storage. The proposal would see an increase of 2 occupants compared to the property’s previous use as a care home. It was the aim of the company that residents would spend a maximum of 28 days at the property before being moved on to more permanent accommodation, however they would stay longer if no suitable resettlement was found in that time. It was considered likely that at the most a service user would be seen by a specialist weekly on site, but the specialist would see more than 1 service user per visit. All potential service users would be referred to the site and be vetted prior to being accommodated and no guests would be permitted. The site would always be staffed and no persons would be permitted to enter or leave without a staff member present. In response to concerns raised regarding antisocial behaviour, the applicant submitted a detailed management plan and it was considered that the proposal would not have an unacceptable impact on neighbouring properties, any more than its current use as a 25-person care home. Conditions were proposed including a limit on the number of occupants, requiring noise surveys and mitigation to neighbouring properties and bedrooms within the site, security measures and waste storage details.


Councillor Hibbert spoke in favour of the application and commented that that there were as many representations in support of the application as there were opposing it. He stated that Key Stage Housing had a good track record and were willing to work with neighbours if issues arose. Cllr Hibbert advised that he had visited the site and it was operating well. The proposal would help solve homelessness, provides a safe and secure space, is permanently staffed, and staff work with guests to help them.


James O’Grady, Director of Key Stage Housing, spoke in favour of the application and commented that there was a great need for homeless accommodation in Northampton, this was recognised by local authorities and the Government. Mr O’Grady stated that without intervention, there was a high risk that more people would die needlessly. He recognised the concern of local residents and asked that their concern be pointed in search of understanding and learning rather than fear.


Members discussed the report.




That the application be APPROVED subject to the conditions and reasons as set out in the report.

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