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Cabinet Member Presentations


Councillor Nunn submitted his report as Leader of the Council and highlighted the salient points. In response to questions, Councillor Nunn advised that capacity regarding covid testing was a national issue; he did not regret earlier advice he gave around getting tested if one had concerns but no symptoms, following the Greencore outbreak it was vital to have as many people as possible tested. The capacity issue was a shame and Councillor Nunn, and others, were urging Public Health England to rectify it as soon as possible. He advised that the videos he and Councillor Stone had worked on alongside the Northampton Association of Youth Clubs, were awaiting Councillor Stone’s approval prior to being released. Councillor Nunn reassured Council that he and the Deputy Leader were working every day to safeguard the interests of Northampton and its people. With regard to unitary talks, Councillor Nunn advised that cross-party discussions were taking place and would be willing to have them more frequently if Members felt it necessary


Councillor Larratt submitted his report as Deputy Leader and highlighted the salient points. In response to questions asked, Councillor Larratt commented that due to declining footfall, trade on the market was higher during weekdays than weekends; he would pursue with officers and seek to join any campaigns being run by the National Association of British Market Authorities (NAMBA). Councillor Larratt would seek to arrange member briefing on rail issues and the Transport Strategy consultation. With regard to elections, Councillor Larratt advised that the Council was following the government’s updated procedures; he was not aware of any online issues but would raise it with the Monitoring Officer. He further advised that the Council had sufficient capacity to carry out enforcement duties, however officers were not making as many visits due to covid-related restrictions. Regarding town council briefings, Councillor Larratt stated that making them publicly available may stifle debate but would consider alternative ways of promoting the work undertaken. Works to the Gallery car park lighting was scheduled to finish in November and remedial works would continue afterwards. He assured Council that the work would be completed.


Councillor Hallam presented his report as Cabinet Member for Environment and highlighted the salient points and thanked the Neighbourhood Wardens, Park Rangers and officers in the Environmental Health department for the additional work undertaken during the pandemic. In response to questions, Councillor Hallam stated that although the amount of household recycling had reduced in March, the amount being collected had increased when compared to previous years. With regard to the recently introduced E-Scooter scheme, Councillor Hallam explained that he had not been consulted in his capacity as Cabinet Member for Environment, however he and Councillor King were consulting with NCC to suggest improvements to the scheme.


Councillor King presented her report as Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Safety and highlighted the salient points. She advised that Diwali and Bonfire night celebrations run by the Council would be online. She advised that an app for the town was being developed by AR Media which would include various engagement tools. Michael Ellis recently joined an LGBTQ Forum meeting and would report back the results of a consultation around the Gender Recognition Act. In response to questions, Councillor King advised that the Council promoted good practice by way of “Days/Weeks of Action” that were held throughout the year. She advised that more applications for covid funding had been received since the report was written but encouraged all Members to continue to promote the available funding to the public. Councillor King stated that she wanted the E-Scooter scheme to work well and confirmed that she was working with NCC, alongside Councillor Hallam, to make improvements.


Councillor Eldred submitted his report as Cabinet Member for Finance and highlighted the salient points; graphs previously requested by Members had been included for ease of understanding.  Councillor Eldred thanked the Facilities team for their hard work in keeping the Guildhall safe for officers still coming in to work.

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