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Cabinet Member Presentations


Councillor Nunn presented his report as Leader and highlighted that there were no current plans for colleagues or members to return to the Guildhall, and home working was going well. Support for businesses continued to be issued in the form of grants with over £32.81m paid to local businesses in Northampton. The Leader explained as a Board Member of the Town Centre BID, he had been attending regular meetings and this focussed on reopening local businesses. He thanked the licensing department for their support and guidance. In terms of Future Northants activity, he updated Council that the current focus was working towards ensuring that West Northants would be ‘Safe & Legal Plus’ for vesting day on 1st April 2021. In answer to a question regarding the condition of the local economy due to Covid-19, the Leader responded that no forecasting was currently available, and that the economy is what we make it, so we need to all work together to bounce back from the pandemic. In answer to a question regarding the environment and promotion of walking and cycling, the Leader responded that active travel money was available for encouraging walking and cycling and NBC had asked the county council to change Weedon Road to a 24-hour bus and cycle lane. In response to a question regarding the pursuit of residents for Council tax payments and the use of bailiffs, the Leader responded that Councillor Eldred would have more information on this matter, and the Council were keen for payments to be made so that services would continue to be delivered.


Councillor Larratt presented his report as Deputy Leader and reiterated his thanks to Democratic Services who have successfully facilitated the transition to remote meetings, and colleagues at NBC for their hard work. In terms of the streetlight project, he was pleased to see the Racecourse with the new lights installed. In response to a question on a vetting process for market traders, the Deputy Leader confirmed there was a process and details could be confirmed by the market manager. In answer to a question on the reopening of the coroner’s court, the Deputy Leader responded that this was a responsibility of Northamptonshire County Council. In response to a question on a briefing session to be arranged for members on the future plans for rail, the Deputy Leader confirmed he was happy to agree to a briefing in the future.


Councillor Hadland, the Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Enterprise, presented his report and explained that in terms of the community asset transfers to Parish Councils, due diligence continued. He explained that two SEMLEP projects had been brought forward and he commended staff issuing business grants for their hard work. In response to a question regarding the asset transfers and changes to council tax, Councillor Hadland responded that council tax may decrease, but Parish Council’s may increase council tax so it may remain the same to cover costs as land continues to be maintained. In answer to a question regarding the development of the Weston Favell Health and Wellbeing Hub and if consultations would include those in the Eastern District, Councillor Hadland confirmed that it would include them.


Councillor Hallam, the Cabinet Member for Environment, presented his report and highlighted the error on page 39 with the table of statistics. He announced the deep cleanse programme was still underway and had received positive feedback from residents. In answer to a question regarding statistics, Councillor Hallam confirmed that these could be found within Councillor Larratt’s report. In terms of fly tipping a trial was being investigated offering CCTV in volunteer residents’ homes to catch perpetrators.  In answer to a question regarding maintenance of street furniture and the cleaning of refuse lorries, Councillor Hallam confirmed a full sanitisation regime was in place and he would take forward points on Councillor Terry Wire’s bench. He confirmed that street furniture had been recently replaced on Abington Street. The deep cleanse would be taking place on Adelaide Street in Semilong this week. In response to a question on the bins by Blackthorn School, Councillor Hallam confirmed that he did remember the walkabout and would follow up the matter.

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