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Cabinet Member Presentations


Councillor Nunn submitted his report as Leader of the Council and highlighted the salient points.  He commented that he was delighted that staff had gone over and above in all activities during the Covid19 pandemic.  He conveyed his thanks to staff. Councillor Stone echoed the thanks of the Leader to staff.  In response to a question regarding Councillors being involved in the question and answer session with Parish Councils regarding the Town Council; the Leader confirmed that this session had been organised and hosted by National Association of Local Councils (NALC).  In answer to a question of whether Covid19 had impacted on Northampton Forward spend, the Leader advised that he was not aware of any negative impact but a board meeting was scheduled shortly.  In answer to a question regarding the re-implementation of on-street parking charges, the Leader confirmed that he had not been involved in discussions regarding on street parking charges but careful consideration had been given regarding re-implementing car park charges.

Councillor Larratt submitted his report as Deputy-Leader of the Council and highlighted the salient points.  He highlighted the work that Democratic Services and Legal Services had undertaken regarding training on remote meetings and hosting remote meetings.  In response to a query regarding a business deal with the Cobblers, Councillor Larratt confirmed that there was no agreement and that it had been made clear that any development would only happen when the stadium stand was completed. The Leader advised that at no point has an acceptable agreement been concluded, this Council has a clear process and no deal would be taken until it is ready to be taken. Councillor Larratt added that supporters had always been kept informed.  In answer to a question about the importance of improved entrances to the town, Councillor Larratt confirmed that East West Rail was mindful of the situation and drafts were included with the Local Plan. He added that there is shortly going to be a final consultation on the Local Plan. In response to a query regarding the inclusion of water courseways in the Plan, the Deputy Leader advised that Nothamptonshire County Council had published its plan and it was publicly available on line.  NBC’s reports fall out of those reports.  A consultant had been engaged and provided updated drawings that are currently being looked at by Officers.  The report would be published in due course.

Councillor Eldred submitted his report as Cabinet Member for Finance and highlighted the salient points.  He thanked the Finance Team for its hard work in reducing the budget overspend to £283,000.  He confirmed that some businesses might not have survived without the grants provided by the Council during the Covid19 pandemic.  In response to a question regarding the setting up of a Cross Party Working Group to look at finances of the Council; Councillor Eldred confirmed that the Council already has the Audit Committee and the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.  Councillor Eldred advised that he has been asked to attend the next meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to provide details of expenditure in relation to Covid19.  The Finance Team is working hard looking at potential funding streams.  In answer to a question regarding the support provided to residents over the next 3-6 months, Councillor Eldred confirmed that there was the Council Tax Reduction Scheme and the Hardship Fund.  In addition, the repayment scheme had been extended to 24 months.  Residents are also referred to partner organisation such as CAB, Community Law and the Authority has its own advisors also. There has not been a drop in the collection of Council Tax but if this does happen, schemes etc. can be investigated.

Councillor Hibbert submitted his report as Cabinet Member for Housing and Wellbeing and highlighted the salient points.    He confirmed that a new Homeless Strategy was in place.  61 rough sleepers were now residing in hotels, 42 have been moved into settled and supported accommodation.  It had been a successful exercise.

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