Agenda item

Report of the Governance Task & Finish Group


Councillor Peter Rawlinson outlined the report of the Governance Task and Finish Panel. The possible provision of area committees and a youth council required further consideration, but were beyond the remit of the current Task Panel. It was therefore suggested that a working group be established with the current membership to look into the matters.


The Code of Conduct would be reconsidered in order to include complaints about an Interim Officer. Following discussions, it was also suggested that the Group give further consideration to the Standards Committee and the issue of political balance.


Councillor Ian McCord reminded the Committee that the priority had to be managing the workload so that the authority was ready for operations on day one. A youth council may be very beneficial but it may need to wait until the essential matters were finalised.




a)    The WNJC note the work undertaken by the Governance Task and Finish Group in relation to the draft Constitution, including the Code of Conduct for Members.

b)    The draft Code of Conduct for Members attached at Appendix B be referred back to the Governance Task and Finish Panel, in order to consider:

(i)    A procedure for raising a complaint against an interim statutory officer, and

(ii)  The form and composition of any Standards Committee and whether or not it needs to be politically balanced.

c)    The WNJC note the specific functions of the Joint Committee set out in the draft Structural Changes Order.

d)    The WNJC note the timetable set out in the draft Structural Changes Order for performing those functions.

e)    The WNJC approve the use of a system of recording member attendance at meetings of the Shadow Authority, its Executive, Committees and Sub-Committees and recommends this to the Shadow Authority.

f)     The WNJC appoints a working group, comprised of current members of the Governance Task and Finish Group, to consider the merits of appointing area committees and/or a youth council and to report to the WNJC of its findings and views.

g)    The Task and Finish Group recommend a procedure for complaints against an interim statutory officer.

h)   The Task and Finish Panel investigate the issue of political balance on the Hearings Panel.


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