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Variation Premises Licence Application

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Following considering of the preliminary matter, the Chair invited the Senior Licensing Enforcement Officer to present the report of the Licensing Team Leader.


The Chair invited Ian Gaffron to address the Committee concerning his representation in opposition to the variation of hours for the sale of alcohol on the premises and the playing of live and recorded music.


Ian Gaffron explained that he lived 20 yeards from the rear yard of the premises, that he works normal office hours. He explained to the Committee that he has concerns about increased noise from the premises late at night, especially with regard to the rear smoking yard, which can be rowdy at times with music and people leaving the premises late at night. He has not made any formal complaints to Northampton Borough Council about noise nuisance emanating from the premises.


The Chair invited Siobhan Marden, the manager of Jimmy’s Sports Bar of 6-10 Harlestone Road, Northampton to address the Committee.


Siobhan Marden, on behalf of the Premises Licence Holder made representations in support of the variation application. She stated that the Premises Licence Holder had relied upon a series of temporary event notices to extend the hours of use when providing live music or opening later in the evening. This application was made so that the premises did not have to rely upon temporary event notices going forward. It was noted that live music and other events will not take place every weekend so it may be that the premises only takes advantage of the increased hours occasionally. No formal complaints have been made to Northampton Borough Council about noise nuisance caused by the premises. They further explained that signs are displayed in the rear smoking yard to advise customers against causing excessive noise and door staff supervise the area. The premises has two gambling machines and the bar and door staff monitor their usage in order to prevent under-age persons using them. It was noted the premises is air conditioned and closed circuit television cameras are installed throughout, the premises can hold a maximum of 160 persons and customers can only exit from the front entrance. The Premises Licence Holder has agreed with the council and the Police to the imposition of certain conditions on the premises licence designed to promote the licensing objectives and prevent public nuisance and crime and disorder. Members were advised that these conditions are set out to the report in Appendices D and E.


The Sub-committee considered the options open to it under the Act and the extent to which they were appropriate with regard to the variations sought. 




That the Premises Licence for Jimmy’s Sports Bar of 6-10 Harlestone Road, Northampton shall be varied in the following terms:


A.   The agreed conditions set out in Appendices D and E to the report shall be added to the premises licence;

B.   The sale of alcohol for consumption on the Premises on Fridays and Saturdays shall be permitted until 01:00;

C.   The indoor playing of recorded music on Fridays and Saturdays shall be permitted until 01:00;

D.   The indoor provision of live music on Fridays and Saturdays shall be permitted until 00:00;

E.   The opening hours on Fridays and Saturdays shall be 10:00 until 01:30 and

F.    Otherwise as detailed above, the premises licence for Jimmy’s Sports Bar shall remain unaltered.



1.    Mr Gaffron’s representations regarding the variations sought by the Premises Licence Holder were taken into account. However, Members noted that no formal complaints about noise nuisance had been lodged with the Council by Ian Gaffron or any other person and so there was no available evidence to suggest that the variations sought were likely to result in public nuisance or crime and disorder with regard to the Premises.

2.    The Members were satisfied that the Premises Licence Holder was an experienced licence holder and that Siobhan Marden was an experienced bar manager. The Premises appeared to be organised, well run and looked good from the outside.

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