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Cabinet Member Presentations


Councillor Nunn, as Leader of the Council, elaborated on his report and noted that clarity had now been received from Government to proceed with Unitary in 2021.  Children’s Services would be delivered through the creation of a Children’s Trust. Responding to questions Councillor Nunn noted that the Children’s Trust would be an item for discussion at the next meeting of the Cross Party Working Group.  The West Northants Joint Committee would now have a greater significance for a longer period; it was not expected for there to be additional costs. Councillor Nunn conveyed his thanked to the Head of Regeneration and Economic Development for all the important work that he had done and that interim arrangements for his replacement were being put in place.  Councillor Nunn confirmed that sites for an additional park and ride scheme were being investigated.


Councillor Larratt submitted his Cabinet Member report and elaborated thereon noting key Councillor briefing sessions that had been programmed into the schedule. He highlighted an additional session on HIMO licensing – 26 June 2019 at 6pm and identical session at 11 June 2019 at 1:30pm.  Councillor Larratt highlighted a letter that he had recently received following the Shine a Light on Tibet event; the letter emphasised the gratitude for presence at the event.  The letter was read out to Council.  Responding to questions, Councillor Larratt confirmed that a meeting is being convened regarding street lighting.  In respect of Section 106 Agreements, Councillor Larratt advised that there is provision for elected Members to be involved, pre-planning and that a Protocol had been drafted. Regarding Travellers, the Police had agreed to use its S61 Powers more frequently, which was welcomed.  Should proposals for a Travellers’ Site be put forward they would be pursued. 


Councillor Hibbert submitted his Cabinet Member report and elaborated thereon.  Responding to supplementary questions, Councillor Hibbert advised that a review regarding the death of a recent rough sleeper, a case review would be initiated in the usual way.  He added that rough sleepers can be identified should they stay in the Night Shelter and the formal process can then be followed regarding housing.  Councillor Hibbert advised that the aim of the list for Direct Lets is to reduce it from over 350 to 200.  Councillor Hibbert confirmed that he would liaise with Northampton Partnership Homes regarding the wording of their arrears letters that are issued to tenants.  He confirmed the Outreach Team work with vulnerable homeless women.


Councillor Eldred presented his Cabinet Member report and highlighted the key points.  He conveyed his thanks to the Billing Team and Post Room staff for successfully issuing bills to residents.  Responding to supplementary questions, Councillor Eldred advised that the Guildhall Team has promoted and marketed the Guildhall, generating income.  He was confident that the accounts would be signed off this year and value for money is being received from the Auditors, as are the residents of Northampton.


At this juncture of the meeting, the Mayor advised that the time limit for Cabinet Member reports had been reached and no further Cabinet Member would elaborate on their reports.

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