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Louise Danielczuk - Northampton Hope Centre


Hope Centre – day centre – large room in Oasis house – Monday to Saturday morning to lunchtime to provide food and shelter for that period of time. There is access to showers, underwear, socks, toothbrushes etc. Not everyone there is street homeless, might be hidden homeless, sofa surfing etc. or even in severe poverty.


Food is cheap, contributions of around £1. The point of the hope centre is to help people look towards their future and help build to their future. Help them with their benefits and then encourage them to learn to plan their finances. This is why the food is not just a handout. Some will also volunteer and be rewarded with meal vouchers, this helps people plan for the future and begin to create a structure for them.


Various activities going on at the centre. Clothes can be purchased, small fee of 30p. Unless someone has absolutely no funds, those people will be given free items and the team will then work with them to get their benefits in order.

Groups include meditation, creative writing, active activities such as football etc, also in partnership with a boxing gym. There are also things such as pool table, books, television and internet café available.


In addition to the day centre, there is a team of people who are there to help people move forward with their lives. They’ll be referred through the client service team to help identify where they want to get to. Whether this is to live independently, learn English, get a job etc.

This is not a straightforward task but the help is always there and the Hope Centre will stick by this person regardless of the outcome to keep moving forward.


Other social enterprises are there to help the hope centre going and also a platform. Hope catering, Hope tools and allotments etc.


Food club, similar to food banks, this happens each week. People are charged for the food but at a huge discount. £30 worth of food for £7.50.

Opening a shop on Abington Street.


PL: Thank you Louise for coming, I would recommend hope catering who I have previously used.

Q: How do you work with people who have disabilities?

Q: Also who helps with their benefits, is it you or a partner organisation?


A: We do not work with many disabled people but there are a few. We are completely wheelchair accessible but we treat everyone on an individual basis, so we take each person’s specific needs into consideration when we work with them. Also work very closely with other organisations and we’re not afraid to tell people we’re not the expert in that but we can point them in the direction of who is.


Q: Do you link up with the CC employability service?

A: I believe we do but I will have to check.


LD: If anyone wants to come and look at the centre please let me know.


Q: What’s happening with the future of the building?

A: Last October we were given a 12 month eviction notice. After a lot of negotiating, we have accepted that we will be leaving the building but there is no deadline so we can find something that suits us perfectly. Needs to be easily accessible to those who are street homeless so it has to be in the town centre.