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Community News Exchange


AT - issues have been sorted on our estate thanks to the police and NPH. Issues were around drugs/cuckooing

TM - I have a meeting tonight regarding the town council becoming a parish council so will update on a future agenda. I would like to congratulate and thank Roger as he got us funding for our veterans social club. We provide entertainment for members including days out. This group was put together as there was a need in the area. It was found a lot of people were lonely and had nowhere to go. This group help provide a place for them.

RR - I’m happy that I was able to get this funding. I went to this meeting that helped show me where we can get funding from to support community groups and project. Was a very friendly atmosphere and the whole meeting was very helpful.

LG - The whole project sound like a brilliant idea and it’s a great job you’re doing (TM and RR)

BN - I would like to make people aware that Cllr Jane Hollis has recently passed away. Not sure who was aware. She used to be a member of this forum. Also, Can Brian update us from the unitary meeting the other night?

BO - On Tuesday the meeting was to organise the individual groups/committees to help with the set-up of the unitary.  There is uncertainty over when this will take effect as we are still waiting for conformation on our plans going forward from central government. Unfortunately, Brexit is slowing the process down. Election will be delayed 2020.

NS - Brain, didn’t the south west have their own unitary up until 2010, then the government take it back and gave it to the parish?

BO - I’m not aware of that.

TM - I’m chair of a resident’s association, I have a small amount of committee of members. The way I’m looking at it, we have enough to become a parish council, but why should we become one? I’m not sure it helps by make more parish councils.

DM - introduced himself and thanks the chairs for letting him come along. I work for Northants fire service. We have a goal where we go around houses that are highlighted as a high risk of fire in Northampton to do fire safety checks. I would like to know if anyone here has any questions regarding the extra services, like this, we do. Please let me know and I can come talk/do a presentation regarding fire safety.

AT - Can we have you do a presentation at a future meeting?

DM - Yes, happy too. I will share my details with JW to get that booked in.

RR - To let you know, the prescription system is changing. You cannot get your doctor to write you a prescription for some medicines that used to need a prescription. I would like Jeanette Pidgen to come along from the health service to explain why this has changed.

ACTION JW to contact Janette Pidgen to attend the next forum.