Agenda item

Cllr Mike Hallam - Environmental Update


Thank you for inviting me. Since the waste and grounds maintenance contract has changed, the works to improve the cleanliness of the town has improved a lot. Since the start of the contract, the back log of work has now been caught up. Grass cutting has begun, we are now two weeks in. There is a four-week plan for the whole borough, that repeats throughout the cutting season. The feedback from the public so far has mainly been positive, any issues and complaints have been dealt with very well since the changeover.

One change that is being implemented in the new contract is the way we now recycle. Instead of three open boxes for waste, each property will now have one big bin, or will be given a supply of clear sacks to put their recycled waste in. Far cotton will be trailing the clear bags first. Areas that have the capacity for a recycling bin, but never had one in the past, are now looked to be given a bin.

One major issue in the town is still fly tipping and we are looking at a number of ways we can help reduce this. From the start of April, the bulky waste charge will be reduced from £25 for 3 items to £15. This is a trail period to see if this reduces the number of fly tips across the town. If this change has a positive effect on fly tipping, we will be looking to keep the bulky waste cost down. If it doesn’t, the project will be looked at again and re-evaluated.

Another way we are looking to help reduce fly tip is the possibility of holding kangaroo runs across the town. This is where containers or vans will be placed in set areas, so that public can then have their house waste removed free of charge. Only areas selected for the kangaroo run will be notified. Each area will only have this done as a one off.

Wardens have now achieved their highest number of fines for fly tips across the town. The enforcement team in the town centre, Kingdom, have now moved into other areas of the town to do enforcement around litter. Fines have now been raised to really help get the message across.

Overall it’s been a very busy first year bedding in the new contract but MH feels it is now in a stable place. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.

TM - There is definitely been an improvement across the town. There is still a noticeable issues around fly tipping. Issues come from the whether the land is owned by NPH or NBC. This seems to cause a delay in clearly the waste.


NS - I am concerned about the fix penalties. Who is funding them?

RA - The contracts fund themselves through the fine money they receive.

NS - In the first for months there was near 2000, 4 months after that there was reported to be only 880. All this money is going to the business and now back into the town centre.

MH - Money doesn’t just go into the business. Some offensives get raised to court level where the fine will increase and the money will then go back into the local economy


CO - since the change in the recycling and the way it is now done, the street cleanliness is much better and the communication from the waste team with residents have been good in the area I live. We are now able to put more waste into one back, ready to take away. Everyone on my street is very please.

MK - Thank you for the positive feedback


BN - Will there been more small plastic bags for food waste be given out?

MK - I’m not sure, they contractor is looking at how they change the way the remove food waste. For now, it can be put in the normal waste bin.


BO - on the mowing side, in the council properties, there is a different contractor from NPH. On property sheltered housing, they have stopped cutting the front of these garden. Does the contract for NPH not include the front garden?

MH - I’m not familiar with their contract, apologies. You will have to check with NPH.

BO - if there’s fly tipping in Communal land, would it fall under environmental health?

MH - No, if its NPH land it’s their job to clear.

BO - This is where there is an issue, people are unaware of who is responsible. Also, going back to the clear recycling bags, will that be introduced to Parson’s Mead?

MH - I’m not sure right now, we are trailing in far cotton first.

BO - in some of the parks, people have already started having BBQs and parties in the park and leaving rubbish everywhere. Our problem is that there’s no ranger or warden working on the weekend. Can the ranger’s number be shared so we can contact the working ranger in case we have an issue?

RA - I will speak to Pete and see if it can be shared.


RR - I understand NPH is owned by NBC, why can’t we work together and agree a set fee for fly tipping in Northampton.

MH - NPH have decide they will run under their own regulations for how they deal with this. We do try to work with them as much as we can though.


LG - I’m from age UK Northampton and would like to thank you for letting me come to today’s meeting. I have a question for MH, is there a fee for assisted collection?

MH - No, all of the bin men will be supplied the information of what properties need the assisted collection and will do so.

LG - Is that open for everyone?

MH - No, there is a criteria that must be met.

BO - As user of this system I can say it works very well.