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Cabinet Member Presentations


Councillor Nunn, as Leader of the Council submitted his report and elaborated thereon. He explained that the next steps with the Unitary project would be the critiquing the Structural Change Order and noted that although written by Government, they would champion the interests of Northampton residents. The Leader further explained that he had recently met with the acting Chair of the Hope Centre and that the administration were committed to continuing their support to the service. He noted that there were a number of homeless people who were difficult to reach out to and that in such circumstances, there was a real need for partnership and multi-agency working.


In response to questions asked, the Leader explained that he would meet with the Leader of the opposition and the Chief Executive to discuss information relating to Churches Conservation Trust. He responded to a further question by announcing that the administration were committed to supporting the Hope Centre. The Leader further responded to questions and confirmed that currently the Council were continuing with Unitary and noted that it was anticipated that the elections for May 2019 would be postponed. He explained that the progress on St James Mill link road had been temporarily halted as the related costs had increased considerably due to large amounts of contamination to the land which was not known originally.


Councillor Larratt elaborated on his Cabinet Member report and explained that there was one update which was that a draft report would be presented to Cabinet in the near future on webcasting.


In response to questions asked, Councillor Larratt explained that a report on ‘Updated motions’ was to come to a future Council once additional details had been included.  He commented that he was disappointed to see the recent arson attack on the Market Square of one of the market stalls. In order to attract new traders, he explained that there was a lot of advertising and social media project. He further noted that should food- stalls be encouraged to the market square and extension in trading hours would be considered. He noted that some market traders would be supporting the ‘People’s Plan. He confirmed that the current Sunday market would only be in situ until Christmas. Councillor Larratt explained, in response to questions asked, that he would be happy to write to Network Rail asking them to provide some protection to the elements for train passengers waiting outside of the station. He further noted that he would be willing to look at the prospect of supporting local farmers markets once he was fully briefed.


Councillor Eldred submitted his Cabinet Member report and elaborated thereon, reminding members that the draft budget would be considered at Cabinet on the 12th December 2018. In response to questions asked, he confirmed that the debt collection recovery was 97% and it was anticipated that this would increase. He explained that Universal Credit was a Government decision that had to be implemented. In relation to the homelessness budget, Councillor Eldred explained that there had been a significant increase in spending but considered it a necessity to ensure people did not have to sleep on the streets.


Councillor Hill elaborated on his Cabinet Member report and noted that a planning application for the development of 17 dwellings and retail units at the former Tanners Pub had been approved. He explained that work continued on the production of the Local Plan Part 2.


In response to questions asked, Councillor Hill explained that he would share information about the value and apportion of finances for Section 106 agreements and Community Infrastructure Levies.  He explained that in relation to the viability of the percentage of affordable houses, this was assessed independently.


Councillor Hadland elaborated on his report and responding to questions asked, confirmed that the number of new business start-ups that had failed were 2 in the Business Incentive Scheme (BIS). It was noted that the tender documents for Vulcan Works had been reviewed and a report would be submitted to the January 2019 Cabinet meeting.


In response to questions asked, Councillor Hadland stated that the decrease in footfall was on par with the national average and that the Town Centre had become better and cleaner of late. Responding to questions relating to Albion House, it was noted that it had been purchased as a strategic option for the Council. In response to questions asked, Councillor Hadland noted that he was aware of the parking issues near to the University and commented that he, along with the Cabinet Member for Planning would speak to the Ward Councillor about her concerns. He further explained that work on the Eleanor Cross would soon be underway.


Councillor King elaborated on her Cabinet Member report and responded to questions by explaining that the 2 additional Police Officers were being fully funded by the Council and were not being taken away from their duties. She thanked those who had contributed to the successful Christmas light switch on in the Town Centre. Responding to further questions, Councillor King stated that she would explore whether she could acquire information from the police on stop and search figures for a future meeting.


At this juncture of the meeting, the Mayor announced that the time limit for Cabinet Member reports had been reached and no further Cabinet Members would elaborate on their reports.  

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