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Cabinet Member Presentations

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Councillor Nunn submitted his report as Leader of the Council and reminded Members that the Deloite Members’ briefing would take place on 23rd January and urged them to attend. He reported that the review of internal management boards had been completed and rationalised arrangements would begin in February. The Leader noted that a further update regarding the Cambridge Milton Keynes Oxford Corridor would be brought before Council in due course. In other business, The Leader further stated that he opened and attended an event at the Park Inn hotel aimed at supporting small to medium sized businesses. He and officers had also met with the Northamptonshire’s Best Surprise campaign group on 9th January to successfully increase the number of visitors to the county.


In response to questions asked, the Leader explained that he would continue to brief Members with updates regarding the Cambridge Milton Keynes Oxford Corridor. He advised that the Council would ensure that it signposted available help for small and medium sized businesses. In response to a further question, the Leader commented that whilst he was aware of current problems with rail services, he did not personally think that nationalisation was the right answer to solve them. It was explained that the budget for the existing environmental services contract was set and that the aim for the remainder of the contract was to minimize the cost and maximize the impact of works carried out. Councillor Nunn confirmed that during his meeting with directors from St Andrews Hospital, a key area looked at was corporate social responsibility events which were to be fed into HR processes.


Councillor Larratt submitted his Cabinet Member report and elaborated thereon. In response to questions asked, Councillor Larratt confirmed that webcasting was imminent. He explained that he received all requests for Councillor training and would be happy to look into any outstanding requests.


Councillor Hallam submitted his Cabinet Member report and reported that on 17th January Cabinet chose Veolia as the recommended preferred bidder for the new environmental services contract. He advised that there would be a Q&A session on 5th February which would be the proper platform to discuss the new contract. In response to questions asked, Councillor Hallam advised that a brand new fleet of vehicles would be used for the new contract. He further explained that a robust procedure had been followed and that it showed privatisation to be preferable over bringing environmental services in-house, noting that whilst the new contract would incur a higher cost, the quality of the service received would be greater. It was anticipated that the new contractors would carry out a “deep clean” of all parts of the borough during their first few months. In response to questions regarding the new environmental enforcement contract, Councillor Hallam confirmed that over 1000 fixed penalty notices were issued during its trial period.


Councillor Hadland submitted his Cabinet Member report and noted “brilliant performance” regarding progress made towards the St James Mill Link Road. He further stated the importance of highlighting other areas of good progress including Delapre Abbey and the Queen Eleanor Cross. In response to questions asked, Councillor Hadland advised that no date had been set for the opening of Delapre Abbey, however, he anticipated that it would be open at some point during 2018.


Councillor Hibbert submitted his Cabinet Member report and reported that on 18th January Cabinet approved a Business Case to use monies from civil penalties to fund the expansion of the Housing Enforcement Team, noting that 7 posts were being advertised. He reported that since its inception, the Nightshelter had accommodated more than 150 men with 88 moved on to more settled accommodation. Councillor Hibbert thanked the 94 volunteers for donating more than 7,000 hours of their time to support the work of the Nightshelter. It was noted that whilst homelessness was still a challenge within the borough, steps to alleviate the issue were being taken. It was further noted that Northampton Partnership Homes (NPH) were making progress in building new homes; those on Lower Bath Street and Althorpe Street were due for completion in February. In response to questions asked, Councillor Hibbert explained that there were no plans to close the Nightshelter, although a further planning application may be required.


Councillor King submitted her Cabinet Member report and noted a total spend of £287,238.13 on community projects since April 2015. She further noted work done by various Forums and events that had taken place around the Christmas period.


At this juncture the Mayor advised that the allocated time for Cabinet Member presentations had been reached.

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