Issue - decisions

Four Waterside - Selection of Procurement Route

24/03/2021 - Vulcan Works - Fit Out and Additional Roof Works

2.1.      Cabinet noted the progress being made on the construction of the Vulcan Works Creative Hub (VWCH).


2.2.      Cabinet approved the Fit-Out works required to open VWCH and approves the drawdown of £670,000 from the Development Pool for the completion of this work.


2.3.      Cabinet approved the drawdown of £500,000 from the ringfenced funding in the Development Pool for the additional roofing works which have been undertaken on the project.


2.4.      Cabinet delegated authority to the Acting Director of Economy and Assets in consultation with the Borough Secretary, the Chief Finance officer and the Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Enterprise to appoint a contractor for the Fit Out works and equipment required to open the Vulcan Works Creative Hub.


2.5.      Cabinet noted the progress and next steps for the procurement of an operator for the Vulcan Works Creative Hub (VWCH)


2.6.      Cabinet noted that West Northamptonshire Council will progress with the work set out within this report from 1st April 2021, having been consulted on the report’s contents.