Agenda and minutes

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Apologies swere received from Cllr Anna King and Matthew Toresen




Minutes were agreed as a true record.


Update on the meeting date clash – Debbie and April had been in touch.  The clash was a one off and they would work together to try and avoid anything similar in the future.


Matters Arising from the Minutes


The BAME working group had met the previous week.  Notes from the meeting appear below.  The Chair thanked Rachel for all she had done to start things off.  Neelam stated she was disappointed after all she had done to champion this cause that she had not been involved.  The original invite had gone out through the Forum circulation list.  Action: Debbie to check Neelam’s email on the system and Rachel to add Neelam to the circulation list.  The Terms of Reference had not yet been agreed and one of the action points was to contact community members.  Dawn asked if would be possible to identify a minute taker once the group was established.  Neelam emphasised how important it was to get the membership right at the outset.



Virtual event for International Woman's Day 2021


Due to the Covid 19 situation it was probably not going to be possible to have the usual event, but to arrange a virtual celebration instead.  Ideas so far had been a celebration with some fun and interactive articles such as cook along sessions, workshops, comedy, music and singing.  The Rock Choir had already expressed interest in doing a couple of songs.  Dawn suggested Sarah Pascoe who had done some local gigs before.  Rachel Duncan revealed she was in a band and they might be able to do something.  Neelam suggested interviews with previous Inspirational Women winners and a celebration to bring Northampton Borough Council’s involvement to a close before moving to the new Unitary Council and make it something for the whole family.  Sally stated that Breast Friends had done a lot of online events and they could discuss what they could do for the event.



Inspirational Woman award 2021


Discussions were had about opening the nomination period earlier – Post Meeting Note – this was discussed with the judges and a decision was made to keep it as before as it was felt it would get lost with Christmas.  A decision was made to have 2 main awards – 1 for someone who had inspired through their job and one who had inspired through voluntary and community work.



Any Other Business


Debbie told the meeting of the live streams event for International Day of People with Disabilities to be live streamed on You Tube 10-1pm on Thursday 3 December.  The recording is available to view at International Day of Persons with Disabilities - 03.12.20 - YouTube

Dawn thank NBC and Nina (Comms) in particular for all the work on the 16 Days campaign which would run from 25 November until 10 December.  Pauline seconded this and thanked everyone for their contributions and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Dates for 2021 meetings

All meetings to be 11am to 1pm


January 26th

March 23rd

May 25th

July 27th

September 28th

November 23rd


26 January

23 March

25 May

27 September

28 September

23 November

(11am until 1pm – initially they will be virtual)