Agenda and minutes

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Welcomes, introductions and apologies pdf icon PDF 185 KB


AK welcomed everyone to the meeting and introductions were made.


Present: Anna King (Co Chair AK NBC), Pauline woodhouse (Co-Chair PW), Paula Whitworth (Women’s Institute PW1), Aimee Luck (AL, NBC), Nisha Mejer (NM, NBC), Neelam Aggarwal-Singh (NAS, IHWO), Dawn Thomas (DT, NRC), Nicola O’Neill (NO Aquarius), Ballie Kaur (BK, Working Links), Rachel Packman (RP, Police), Vicki Rocakall (VR, NBC), Sheila Baker (SB, Towns Womens Guild)


Apologies: Kate Scott, Jeanette Pidgen, Louise Musson, Morcea Walker and Karolina Zalewska


Minutes and matters arising pdf icon PDF 59 KB


Minutes were recorded as true to record.


Matters arising: Phil Harris coming to next meeting to discuss welfare reform.



Baljit Kaur and Sally Hackett - Working Links pdf icon PDF 81 KB


Working Links support people out of work to get back into work. The organisation is an extension of the Job Centre and gives dedicated one to one support. The organisation works especially with people with barriers, eg vulnerable adults, single parents etc. The programme is running for 3 years.


People can enrol on a 52 week programme where intensive support is given, eg – interview practice, application forms. There is a varied amount of work. There is also another programme which helps people who want to do self-employed work.


Working Links is based in Moulton Park. There is a small pot of funding to help travel costs.

Provide in work support when placements have been made.


Working Links works towards promoting independence and empowering people to access support. Employers have to accommodate.


Referral process is simple. Can sign post people to the organisation.  Work in partnership with companies like Evolve and work across the areas of the county.


Q: What ages can help?

A: Working age

Q: Do you help people on benefits?

A: Yes work closely with the JC. Find out about support for individuals.

Q: What’s the difference between the Job Centre and you?

A: Give one to one support and can spend time with people.

Q: People who have completed courses with Job Centre before, can they still access you?

A: Yes. If we can’t help we will try and signpost people.

Q: Do you work with companies offering apprenticeships?

A: Yes, eg colleges.

Q: Are you still engaging with communities?

A: Yes. Have a presence at the One Stop Shop every Monday. 


Trying to contact community centres Have to make an appointment.

Contact details – email

ACTION: NM to contact BK to attend community centre forum.




Martin Parsons - Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service Recruitment


The Fire Services are recruiting. The closing date is 29th May.


Action Plan


International Women’s Day:


Completed for March 2017. Went very well.


Northampton Town Women – would like to be involved for next event.  A speaker from the organisation could do a speech before the award is presented. 

ACTION: SB  to ask and get back to us.

ACTION: AK to contact Priti Patel from Inter Faith Network.


Northamptonshire Rape Crisis Week of Action and Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Violence Against Women and Children Awareness Week. International End Violence Against Women and Girls Day November 25th.

16 days of Action commencing November 25th – December 10th

ACTION: NM to invite DF to be on the next agenda. DT confirmed to work in partnership.


It was asked whether anything was done with the work done by the Forum on a previous occasion around the BME community.

DT: Nothing moved forward due to funding and capacity. This is from the NADASA prospective.


Support for victims of Inter Personal Violence


Legal support:  AK to meet June 15th at NREC to discuss this matter further.  NAS: Has been signposted to solicitors. But not received help. Apparently the Law Society may be able to help. NAS to contact Rights of Women organisation.

Letter to be drafted by the Forum to send to the Law Society. Need to pin point what services are missing and what the needs are. Need Legal representation for women in court.


ACTION: Everybody to submit email to AL and a letter can be drafted to send to the Law Society.  Ask questions why there is a gap and how the forum can support.  A case study can be highlighted.  Issues to be outlined in the letter.

MP to be copied into the letter. Deadline for comments is 26th May. Draft by following week. To go out week commencing June 5th.


ACTION: Forum can discuss at PCC meeting in July. Vicki Martin is the contact in the OPCC.



Hate Crime Awareness Week

HCAW: Conference I’m Still Me. – AK to discuss there. Still trying to contact NCC. Focus of LGBT and getting peer groups to support.

RP: To contact schools to see if there is way to involve in project work.

Can use afternoon tea event to launch a schools project.

ACTION: NM to book Court Room.



Community Information Exchange


Message from Katarina (VOICE): I’m sure many people are already aware, but as of 1st October 2017, victim and witness services in Northamptonshire will no longer be provided by Victim Support. The OPCC have made the decision to take VW services in-house and the full business case is available to the public. The organisation will be a Company Limited by Guarantee (VOICE) and I want to just say that we have been re-assured that this will not affect any services available to individuals in the county. VOICE for Children and Young People remain as they are for now until their contract renewal in 2019.


NM: Police And Crime Commissioner meeting on 20th July 2-4pm. Wootton Headquarters. 

NAS: Diwali lights 14th October. Would like the forums to be involved. Happy to accommodate ideas and suggestions.

NAS: Chai and Chat – meeting every Friday. Celebrating one year anniversary. 12 -2pm. Weston Favell Parish Hall.

PW: Leaflet handed out for victims of crime with cases going through the criminal court. Leaflet specific to Restorative Justice in VOICE.

PW: WI invited to be part of the next IWD. WI meet on Milton Street, Kingsley Park Terrace.

SB: Four guilds in Northampton. Meet together to do various activities. Was a trustee on the national board.

DT: We are looking to apply to the Big Lottery to develop a Women’s and Girls Centre. Would like to know what services can be delivered to men and boys too.

ACTION: DT to send details to be forwarded to the forum.



Items for discussion for next meeting


NM to invite Debbie Fergusson and DT to discuss IPV Week

Phil Harris to discuss Welfare Reform

Update on letter.



Date of next meeting

July 25th, The Guildhall, Northampton


25th July 11am -1pm, The Guildhall.