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Present: Cllr King (Co Chair NBC AK), Father Oliver Coss (All Saints Church FC), Beverley Richards (Northampton Museum & Art Gallery BR), Chris Stammer (Northampton Women’s Aid CS), Ann Bodsworth (Northampton Women’s Aid AB), Karolina Zalewska (VOICE KZ), Cassie Farren (Individual CF), Anjona Roy (NREC AR), Val Dumbleton (Soroptimists VD), Pindy Chahal (SCCYC PC), Louise Musson (NBC LM), Cllr  Rufia Ashraf (RA), Morcea Walker (Individual MW), Nisha Mejer (NBC NM), Cllr  Stone (DS), Rukhsana Bashir (Northampton Police RB)


Apologies: Jeanette Pidgen, Neelam Aggarwal-Singh, Jacqueline Forrest – Smith, Kate Scott, Cllr Duffy, Pauline Woodhouse




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Minutes recorded as true to record.

No matters arising.


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CF is a local business owner and writer and has recently published a book called Girl Who Refused To Quit.


CF explained her business where she helps run workshops, online programmes, bespoke consultations for women.


Q: Please explain workshops in more detail.

A: The workshops comprise of bespoke meditations and help change negative    emotions. Use methods such as Reiki, online courses etc.


The forum were invited to contact CF direct for more information.


Contact details:




Discussion on memorial to victims killed in 1917 Zeppelin raid in Northampton.


BR carried out research on the victims who were killed in 1917 due to a zeppelin raid in Northampton. The zeppelin was on target for Sheffield but it went off course and hit Northampton. The victims who were killed were Mrs Gammon and her daughters.

The headstones of the victims need cleaning and it was suggested that Mrs Gammon and her daughters can be remembered for Hate Crime Awareness Week.


ACTION: The Women’s Forum will work in partnership with the Youth Forum to develop this project further.





Rukhsana Bashir - Northants Police, Hate Crime Coordinator pdf icon PDF 311 KB


RB is the Hate Crime Coordinator for Northampton Police and the middle person for partnerships groups for Police.


RB would like to work together with other organisations to create awareness and increase reporting.


Q: Do you have many cases.

A: This varies from 24-40 cases per week.


Q: What is the rate of conviction?

A: Will find out.


AR: There is lack of confidence in reporting. Women and the homeless are considered as easy targets.


MW: There are not enough resources in the Police and all communities need commitment.


Q: Is there reporting in education?

AR: County Council used to have a post to encourage schools to report.

ACTION: Invite Cllr Goldberg.


PC: There are people who are not reporting Hate Crime/incidents.


AR: Hate crime and incidents can be reported anonymously.


NM: Points of Contacts have been established by Luisa Jepson in Northampton Inter Faith Forum of places of worship.




Action Plan


International Women’s Day was very successful and Women’s Aid and VOICE gained lots of interest.


AK: Women’s Institute have asked to join the event next year. The organisation has been invited to attend the Forum.


The issue of the pro bono service was discussed. Legal Aid is no longer available and this is a national problem.


ACTION: NM to invite Simon Favell/Phil Harris from Housing and Wellbeing to discuss Welfare Reform.





Community Information Exchange


Tea Dance hosted by Pensioners Forum on March 25th 2.30-  4.30pm.

ANSS concert – 6th May at Northampton High School

Carnival will be held at the Racecourse – spaces available for a float. Event on 10th June.

AB: Nothampton Women’s Aid have secured funding for another 12 months from DCLG.

NM: Northampton Inter Faith Forum walk 6th May.

VD: The Soroptimists are closing after many years in service.

PC: Personal and professional development programme workshop    commencing. Leaflets handed out.

AR: Invited the forum to give ideas on how to tackle the issue of FGM.




Suggestions for items for future meetings


Not discussed.