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Welcomes and Introductions


Present: - Aimee Luck (NBC), Charlie (Caroline Chisholm), Debbie Burns (NBC), Morcea Walker (Adult co-chair), Lissy (Northampton Academy), Mary (Kingsthorpe College), Jay (Caroline Chisholm), Louis (Kingsthorpe College), Zach (Beehive), Anneka Shalley (Perspectives Project), , Oriana (NSG), Tara Scarth (NBC Homelessness), Jamie Chalmers (NBC, Regenerations), Anna Letts (NTTFC), Tracy (NSG), Thomas (Wootton Park)


Apologies: Cllr Anna King (Adult co-chair), Tabi (Wootton Park)



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Not discussed due to time issues.


Action for forum members to think of ideas for anti-violence pin badge carried over.




Homelessness - Tara Scarth


Tara introduced herself and gave a brief background to her working career, now working for NBC as part of the Single homeless team and previously working at The Hope Centre.


Prior to Covid Night Shelter was run for 20 males, dormitory style accommodation, this has been the 1st step to engaging with people – good opportunity to get to know people and work with them.   In Northampton we are saturated with people on zero-hour contracts and lots of Eastern European people who have no recourse to public funds.


With Covid we had to review our nightshelter – could no longer stay at the provision due to covid.  1st weekend of Covid 71 people (both male and female) moved to 2 hotels.  


·        01.07.20 – 14.12.20 – Rough sleepers accommodated at St Johns

·        Working with Keystage Housing now have a 27-bed unit, own room and can accommodate both men and women.

·        Current rough sleep count November 2020: 9 people found.  32 volunteers covered all areas. This is a snapshot on one night.  We believe we have 30 rough sleepers

·        To report rough sleeping: Streetlink

·        SWEP – Severe Weather Emergency Protocol – triggered 2 consecutive nights zero or below degrees. Open 9.00pm – 9.00am.  If under the influence of drugs or alcohol asked to go for a walk and return – we try to not refuse anybody but must safeguard staff and other rough sleepers.





(Q1) Is 30 high relative to other areas?  South Northants and Daventry have lower numbers but remember Northampton has a lot to offer – people share experiences and what we have available.


(Q2) Are the hotels in town still in place now that we are in second Lockdown? TS advised locally we do not make this decision – Central Government do.  No they are not open at the moment.


(Q3) In France they are combating homelessness by removing benches / banning begging, would we consider doing this?  AL replied – Community Safety Partnership work with Police, ASB, Crime Prevention, have Public Spaces Protection Orders.  Prevention is key.


(Q4) Do we have any numbers of how many rough sleepers are back out due to being lonely due to Covid? TS confirmed aware this is a big issue, lots of people are lonely, social isolation and missing people. NBC Homeless team are working with Father Oliver Coss , All Saints to support social isolation.


AL thanked Tara.  Any questions any members have please let AL know and she will forward to Tara. Tara asked if over the ages of 18 and would like to visit, volunteer, very welcome to come and support.  Also highlighted to be wary of reports on social media.



Town Centre Regeneration - Jamie Chalmers


Jamie introduced himself and gave a brief presentation on the Town Generation. 

Physical regeneration, new house, open parks, leisure attractions – what can we do to make Northampton better / compete with Milton Keynes / Rushden Lakes? Also link to Oxford / Cambridge Arc.


50mn funding bid for key projects available – before Christmas applied for £32.7mn. Awaiting outcome.



·        Conditions for businesses to flourish

·        High quality workspaces

·        Delivering quality houses

·        Creating both town centre that benefits all of communities



·        Strengthen Northamptonshire

·        History

·        High quality houses

·        Parks / Open Spaces


Your Views – What would you like to see?


·        Vintage shops / Art Galleries

·        Shops (different types, not in competition with MK/RL), Restaurants and Cafes

·        Colourful – town is Grey

·        Public transport an issue

·        Need to think physical ways to get around town – encourage people to come to town


Bid has gone in and will advise outcome – the plans shown are just the starting point and ideas can be worked in. If you  have any questions or want further information please email:



Perspectives - Anneka Shalley


Report shared prior to the meeting. Discussed in detail and updated (see updated report with the minutes). Action: All members to chose one subject and for the next meeting:

Consider how to develop:

a.      Impact?

b.      How can it be achieved?

c.      Who will it benefit?

Deadline for report March 2021.  Cllr A King would like to raise as a council motion prior to Unitary.



Anti-violence ambassadors project (Knife Angel) - Anna Letts


Anna introduced herself – please see attached for further details.

Anna is working to support the Knife Angel with Anti-Violence Ambassadors.  Looking for volunteers / helpers to support. A graffiti art project working with Free 2 Talk is being run over the Easter holidays and we need volunteers, ambassadors. Role models.  Further details will follow, all types of volunteering needed – Raising Awareness.


Aimee also discussed the pin badge design again for Ambassadors. Add to agenda item for next meeting. All bring ideas to the next meeting for the design.


Attached information regarding Volunteer Academy Coaching. Please contact AL if interested.


Any Other Business


AL asked forum members for their Holocaust videos – please send to AL by Monday 11th January.



Next Meeting


Thursday 4 February, 4.45pm