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ATTENDANCE: Cllr James Hill(Co-Chair), Pauline Woodhouse(Co-Chair), Jamie Wells (NBC), Debs Burns(NBC), John Rawlings, Carly Galpin(NFTT), Jenny Labbon (NREC), Steve Bedford(Police), Sam Rumens, Neil Goosey, Cat Nichols, Jenny Campbell(Inspiration FM), Emmanuel Orane-Assank, Jess, Emma Fisher (NHFT), Simran, Rowena (IAPTS), Alex (NCF), Naomi (Police), Nina (IAPT)


Stg Steve Bedford, Guest Speaker, Northamptonshire Police


Steve Bedford introduced himself and the role of the IAG - in essence the role of the IAG is to be a critical friend, to act as a conduit to communicate with all local  communities particularly those which could be described as hard-to-reach, to challenge the police about local, national or international issues that may impact confidence in policing and to assist us during major or critical incidents where community representatives can facilitate two way flow of information.


Our existing IAG has diminished considerably in size and representation,  whilst a lot of effort has been put into reinvigorating the IAG this has ultimately proved unsuccessful.  It has been agreed that we can link in with the existing Borough Council Forums to fulfil the functions of the IAG.  There are 4 IAGs in the county, the Northampton IAG is the only one currently looking at this new approach but if successful could become a model for the other districts to follow.


·       Rather than host separate meetings a Northampton district policing representative will attend Forum meetings

·       We would like the Forums (either through the chairs or directly) to raise any concerns specific to that group to the policing representative so that they can respond directly and the response can be shared among the wider community via the Forum – if issues are raised before the meeting there will be an opportunity to invite specialists along too.

·       The police representative will on occasions present draft policy or process for feedback.

·       Forum members may be invited to specific IAG task/finish groups to look in detail at an issue

·       Police representatives may from time to time need to contact Forum members directly to seek urgent feedback about local issues of concern (e.g. serious crime in an area)

·       Forum members may be approached to work alongside Police press officers or senior officers to aid communication with target groups*+


For Forum members assisting with the last three tasks marked * there will be a need for Northamptonshire Police to retain their personal data.  This data will not be used for other policing purposes, will not be retained on police information systems and individuals will not be subjected to speculative searches on police information systems.  For those assisting with the final task marked + there may be a requirement to sign confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements.


Cllr James Hill asked if there were any questions: -


Q1. Concern was raised about the officers who would be delivering at the forums, experience had shown that some officers did not understand the people they were presenting to.  SB advised that they had a network of hate crime champions / officers and one would hope officer would be fully versed.


Q2. Cllr Sam Rumens asked since the George Floyd movement questions had been raised and there were / are serious problems, or there might be – ‘is there any work going on in Northamptonshire being done to understand and responded? SB advised yes, over the last three years unconscious Bias training, tackling  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


Diane Belfon, Guest Speaker, NHFT


Jenny introduced herself, hate crimes and incidents, support and information, working with community teams and cover the whole of Northamptonshire – needs are very different.

Hate crime incidents – all can experience, and all have different experiences, All characteristics, age, disability, race, gender etc.


NREC support individuals to report experiences, give advice and assistance to public and community organisations to help identify hate crimes and incidents. 


·       We need support from you – tell us what is going on? tell us what is happening?

·       We need to prevent Hate crime – we need to be able to challenge.

Further information attached and please contact Jenny for further information. (leaflet attached)



Jenny Labbon, Guest Speaker, NREC


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Additional documents:


·       LGBTQ History month – February 2021. Celebrating the event 22.02.21 (further information to be shared).

·       International Women’s day – virtual Live Event 06.03.21:  register your interest 
Programme coming soon

JL asked if there was any update on the Covid BAME vaccine.  JW advised that there was a meeting on Monday 25th and he would circulate more details following this meeting. There is concern form the BAME Community

·       What are the general concerns?

·       Gather responses from the forum/ community

·       Share information

Concerns: They want information / they want a response today

DB advised she was meeting with Public Health this week and would share

Jenny advised that Inspiration FM would help get the messages out.




Items for Discussion at the Next Meeting

Police service around DV



·        BLM- Northampton Marches-Is there any work being done in Northamptonshire?

·        Police equality training-detail of the training

·        Psychological Services – Diana Belfon

·        Windrush



Date Of Next Meeting


21st November 2019 11am-1pm