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ATTENDANCE: Cllr James Hill, Pauline Woodhouse, Anjona Roy, April Ventour Griffiths, Morcea Walker, Shirley Roach, Alex Rex, Tre Ventour, Sylvia Erskine, Yemi Holman, Warren Ellison, Andy Willis, Jenny Campbell, Debbie Samwell, Hannah, Cat, Liz, Jamie Wells, Debs Burns.



Cllr James Hill welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for attending via Zoom. Guidance notes had been issued before the meeting.  Cllr Hill also reminded members of the Code of Conduct as shown on the agenda.


Forum Recap

Direction it will take during COVID. Windrush recap


JW gave a brief summary of the Diverse forum.

Northampton Borough Council wants to provide services that meet the needs of everyone in the community. This Forum particularly looks at the needs of the whole community in relation to race, religion, faith and/or belief.

The meeting is held around every 8 weeks, Visit the Northampton Diverse Communities Forum meeting page

JW update on events since the last meeting however due to Covid 19 events had been scaled down.

         Virtual event Windrush – 22nd June 2020.   Event had been scaled down and would be used as a platform for 2021, working group set up for the virtual event. Documentaries, songs, poems and speeches from local residents will  shared throughout the day via the Northampton Windrush Day 2020 Facebook event  aime to celebrate, commemorate and educate communities on the leading role the Windrush Generation and their descendants have played in making Britain stronger, culturally richer and more inclusive.

         MW shared that as well as Windrush the Carnival had also been virtual.  MW thanked Inspiration FM for their support for both events. NSB drama recorded a GCSE piece for Windrush, thanks to Nadine Robinson and the planning group.

         AR, NRE held three events for Windrush – 1. Collaborative working with TV (Poetry), 2. Watch Party - Secret Windrush (TV and WB), 3. Short film local poets / illustrators.  Offered to promote NBCs events but had no response.  Engagement and involvement with Inspiration FM.  AR confirmed that they had secured funding to support victims (Windrush compensation funds and immigration advice).  Concern raised as events not shared.

Questions were asked where not all groups were invited to the Windrush planning event. JW advised all groups invited.


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Additional documents:



Shirley Roach (Voice) and Yemi Holman (Hate Crime, Police) introduced themselves.  YH gave a brief summary of her role and asked members if they had any questions or needed to contact her, please do so.

Shirley Roach explained the role of Voice and what is Restorative Justice? Bringing awareness to the group. Presentation shared – attached with minutes. SR advised that anyone can refer – both victim and offender when a crime occurs report via website, email or call.  The offender has to plead guilty to the crime.

MW asked what is the percentage of victims/perpetrators that say No.  – SR reported 50/50. The take up is very low, only 4% but of the 4% 85% of people feel empowered and satisfied.  YH stated that this is not an alternative but an addition, we work alongside, before, during and after court trials.

Hannah asked if plans / thoughts about situations with discrimination? – Stop and Search – is there a support mechanism.  YH asked if Superintendent Denis Murray had been invited to the Diverse Forum. JW confirmed on the forum email.  YH explained Denis was the Gold lead – Stop & Search, Use of Powers, Recruitment and currently and Action Plan being looked at.  Jenny & Hannah confirmed they were part of the Stop & Search Working Group. Hannah shared that within their community 1000 people, there is a lot of fear / lack of trust in the Police locally.  YH advised there is a lot of work going on.

Jenny advised that the Stop & Search working group recently elected a new chair and were recruiting a youth co-ordinator.

Action: YH/Cllr J Hill to invite Superintendent Denis Murray to the next meeting. YH to give details of the new chair (Stop & Search working group) to JW to invite to the next meeting.

 AW asked if there is a debrief with victims at the end of the process.  SR confirmed that Health & Wellbeing at the beginning and the end, all have to sign an outcome agreement, meet and monitored 6 months later. 




Community funding pots/BLM


JW shared information on the funding pots both locally and nationally (links to be shared in the minutes)

  • Small Grants (up to £3,000) – next closing date 11th September 2020



  • Cleaner Green – (up to £1,000)


Concern from organisations that real issues – lack of infrastructure funding.  April asked for it to be minuted that for Windrush next year – we ALL work together, apply together.


JW advised that an application had been made jointly through the forum.  Application timeline limited, unfortunately unsuccessful this year.   April said that we need to be reaching out to our communities to ensure holistic approach, try to engage – get a bid so strong that it cannot fail.


AR stated that she had not had any call backs and had 3 events going on this year – it was very disappointment – information had not been shared.

Action: Cllr J Hill to review and feedback.


Concerns raised in respect of applications for funding - felt that Equality and Diversity are being ignored – looking for sustainability, lack of cultural ignorance.  NBC should be reaching out.


Application process – too difficult, not getting funding, giving up. MW stated that community groups – BAME were successful, if we looked at the monitoring and distribution.  We need to encourage organisations to get credentials.


Engagement – information is not being sent out – why is this still happening? Individual groups doing work.  Cllr J Hill explained how groups engage, information is shared across all 6 forums and virtual resources – “what can we do to reach out more?” Agreed we can always do better.


Alex (Northampton Community Fund) Funding link-


Action: Alex to share results on reports – Diverse / Equality / Inclusion.


Concern raised re the OPFCC application from – YH advised the form had changed many times – welcomed feedback and will feedback on the form. YH said that even if you have not got all the requirements still apply.

Organisations stated that more and more groups were going outside of Northamptonshire for funding.  Businesses had been given £35k Covid related – voluntary organisations should not be forgotten.



Community News Exchange


·       NCF – Northamptonshire Virtual Funding Fair 28th – 30th July

·       AR – Event for Hate Crime week 15th October 2020 – BLM / Trans Live Matter – working with NBC

·       JC – confirmed another 5 year licence for Inspiration FM. Special thanks to MW / AR / Alex for their letters of support.  Thank you to YH and leader of the Borough council for their letters as well – nice to read what organisations thought.   Cllr Hill congratulated Inspiration FM.

·       TV – 29th August – Poetry Event – talking about British Empire decolonisation, local acts and a speaker.  All details on Facebook page – Action: TV to share.

·       TV – Black History Month – looking for NBC support.  AR supporting. Action: Cllr J Hill to set up a meeting with TV / AR / JC

·       Cat & Liz – new writing group.  Part of the LGTBQ forum and wanting to unit – how can we improve? Joint events? Work together?

·       Sylvia (WACA) – shared thanks for the invitation to the meeting. Asked if there is an equivalent forum in Wellingborough. Action: Cllr J Hill to ask and report back.

·       DS / WE (Northampton Fire & Rescue) – asked organisations that if they had any events that they wanted them to be involved in to please email and make contact.




Items for Discussion at the Next Meeting

Police service around DV



-        Stop & Search – see notes next meeting

-        LGBTQ understanding




Date Of Next Meeting


Next date is 17th September. Forum member would like to meet before September.  YH advised that the Stop & Search working group meeting is in August – will invite Superintendent Dennis Murray.


Discussions were also held about the timing of the meeting. Agreed that the meeting today had more attendance due to time and situation however being on-line alienated some members as not all have access to on-line.   Cllr J Hill advised that times had been changed over the years to try and fit all however difficult to find a suitable time – open to suggestions.


The meeting concluded at 5.40 pm