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Attendance: Jamie Wells NBC (JW), Yemi Holman Police (YH), Sarah Ross NPH (SR), James Hill Cllr (JH), Pauline Woodhouse (PW), Pindy Chahal (PC), Matthew Toresen (MT), Gardev Notay (GN), John Rawlings (JR), Janet Gordon  (JG), Morcea Walker (MW) Abade Mahmed (AM)

Apologies: Neelam Aggarwal (NA)



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Hate Crime Awareness Week


YH-As part of my role, I organise different hate crime events around Northamptonshire. I’ll run through the events we have planned for the “Hate Crime Week of Action” so far. If you have any more questions please let me know.

On Monday we launch event in Corby-this will be happening in one of the primary schools. Information will be sent out this week regarding which school and speakers will be there.

Tuesday we will be doing a head teacher event at Campbell square. This will help the schools identity hate crimes and better understand how to deal with them.

Wednesday we will have the Primary School Safety Event at the Deco Theatre, where there will be a hate crime workshop for the children

Thursday we have the chief supper

Friday we are working with “Get on-board”. They are running a conference around hate crime with workshops on the day

SR-On Monday NPH will have a stall at Weston Favell and on Friday we will have the NPH bus on the Market Square. On Tuesday we will be heading to the travellers encampment at in Northampton to discuss hate crime issues with them.

YH-The national figures for the traveller’s community is that the number of reports are low but the actual hate crime incidents are very high. We are looking to change that through working with that community more.

JR-I would like to say all of this sounds excellent. It’s good to see that you will be looking to engage with the traveller’s community.

PW-Have you got anyone attending these events from restorative justice.

YH-We don’t actually, do you have any contacts to share?

ACTION* PW to share contacts to JW to forward to YH and SR



DV and EVE Support


PW-In the women’s forum, issues were raised around domestic violence in the county. Unfortunately the support services haven’t been able to provide the support needed to the public. There was a case study raised along with some of the issues. EVE attended the women’s forum and the suggestion was that Pindy liaise with EVE to work closely on that case. By working together they could highlight issues and concerns with gaps in support services. It was also suggested that the forum members who raised the issues, pull out old paper work and documents around these issue to help identify reoccurring issues and recap what suggestions were made at the time to deal with these issues.

PC-I contact EVE regarding some of these issues. There main concern from them is that there understaffed to provide the support needed and they are overwhelmed with the number of people coming in.

PW- It’s sad to here that EVE are so overloaded that they are struggling to provide support to those who need it. We will bring this back to the women’s forum as EVE will be there.

PW- Can we find out if the scrutiny panel have a list of services across the county that we could use to provide support to eve.

ACTION-JW to invite someone from the police who provides DV support (Domestic violence) to find out how they support and what services are available.

MW-Community law are in a difficult situation as they have received a huge funding cut, which intern is having an effect on services like this. Community law is also very understaffed



Community News Exchange


PW-Bellinge has their community AMG on the 28th of October if anyone would like to attend.

MW-Lowdown have a AGM on the 26th September. The Diwali light event will once again be happening in Northampton on the 19th October. Black history month has many events going on across the town. There is also a play I would like to recommend called Two Trains Running, in relation to black history month. It’s a great play not just about race but also about broken community’s. It is on until this Saturday 14th September at the Royal Derngate theatre. Finally, this weekend, there is 20-30 places still for heritage weekend. Lots going on across the town plus tours happening here at the Guildhall.

JR-The Quaker meeting house garden is now open if people would like to come down to visit.

PC-There is a few heritage projects happening soon. I will share more information to JW to Circulate.

JG shared more information about the Two Trains Running Play- Also, there is another production called “Mushy”. This is about a young boy who has a speech impediment and overcame this through music. We also have a production called “Rush” from the 27th of September. They will be playing the music that inspired the wind rush generation.

MT-Wanted to introduce my new role in the police. My new title is “Positive Action Officer”. My goal is to link in with the community, work with them and attend events already going on. If there are any events going on that you would like to me come to please let me know.

MW-Final one from me-26th of October the Guildhall has the food fair happening. They still have stalls available should you know anyone who would like to get involved.

JW-International Mens day will be happening on the 22nd of November at the Guildhall and Charles Bradlaugh. More information will be circulated

MT- On the 21st September, there is the greys dog festival at the road mender.



Items for Discussion at the Next Meeting


Police service around DV



Date Of Next Meeting


21st November 2019 11am-1pm