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ATTENDANCE: Pauline Woodhouse(Co-Chair), Jamie Wells (NBC), Debs Burns(NBC), John Rawlings, Neil Goosey (Police), Adam Smith (NHFT) Yasin Ali, Christian Buckenham (Police), Ismail Nawaz (Police), Naima (Police), Zoley, Rod Williams (Police), Yasin Ali, Diana Belfon (NHFT).



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Mental Health Service NHFT


Adam introduced himself – Mental health nurse, Chair Concordat for Better Adam introduced himself – Mental health nurse, Chair Concordat for Better mental health.

The Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health is underpinned by an understanding that taking a prevention-focused approach to improving the public’s mental health is shown to make a valuable contribution to achieving a fairer and more equitable society. The concordat promotes evidence-based planning and commissioning to increase the impact on reducing health inequalities. The sustainability and cost-effectiveness of this approach will be enhanced by the inclusion of action that impacts on the wider determinants of mental health and wellbeing.  The concordat is intended to provide a focus for cross-sector action to deliver a tangible increase in the adoption of public mental health approaches across:

·        local authorities

·        the NHS

·        public, private and voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector organisations

·        educational settings

·        employers

Over the last few years: key is to improve access to mental health services.  We are asking organisation to engage with us on any issue that affects mental health.  We have a range of services and an improved response. 



Ø  Mental Health Support line number 0800 448 0828


You can now self refer using the number above, if you have a concern, issue, need support contact this number. 


Ø  16 Crisis Café – 6 venues – 7 days a week– see attached report


Ø  Crisis houses – any level of mental health, spaces for carers, family members, inclusive and very open.


We are asking the Diverse forum to make mental health a normal conversation.  Age 43 male – highest risk factor.


·       Adam Smith contact details: adam.smith@nhft.nhs.uk / 07860 756770


Q1.  RW asked How do we tackle situations where people fall between the cracks? We have had situations where we (police are being passed from pillar to post), if drinking put to Billing road.  AS advised, we need to find out what is the primary need? It should be a mental health problem – use the phone number / take to the crisis café.  There has been a lot of changes over the last 2/3 years, particularly in the last 18 months, we have a stronger community.


Q2. JR thanked AS for being at the forum and would hope will be a regular attender.  JR part of the Healthwatch forum – do Police still have a night patrol?  RW confirmed yes, Op Ally Street Car – 7 days a week. 


AS repeated – Get in touch as early as possible – vast range of change to the Concordat working with all services (Police, Ambulance / PCN / LAs).  Delivery across the Mental Health across networks in integrated care, social care.


Q3. RW worried there will be a Mental Health Tsunami after Lockdown – people are suffering in silence due to Lockdown – is there any provision in place?


AS confirmed yes, use the telephone line, crisis cafes.  Agreed and work is in progress.


Q4. Can you explain the subtle difference from high level to low  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Stg Rod Williams-Northamptonshire Police


Sgt R Williams introduced himself and advised that neighbourhood police had restructured to align with the LA neighbourhood teams – 17 separate wards in line with Unitary.  6 Sergeants covering 17 areas – uplift in officers with specific remits.


Once lockdown is over, we will increase community engagement.  Primary focus – Community.  RW is also on the stop & search panel – if you have any questions please contact / any problems please Report. Shared that on a recent review people only report a crime after attacked 2/3 times - communities are suffering in silence – we want to change this. We take ALL reports seriously.


Contact details.


Rod Williams:            rodney.williams@northants.pnn.police.uk

Abdul Salique:            Abdul.Salique@northants.pnn.police.uk



Q1. What support can the Police give BAME professionals working in mental health services where patients display behaviours to BAME Staff? (asked by DB)


RW advised the same way – report it, we will investigate, take statements and support through the process.


DB stated that when matters have been reported in the past the attitude was ‘its part of their job’ – it is not part of their job, patients displaying racist behaviour.  What more can we do?

RW – every report needs to be treated the same way – are managers supportive?

Action: RW / AS / DF to meet outside of the meeting to discuss further.



Community News Exchange



JR – Quakers meeting virtually

AM – Hindu Community – meet every couple of weeks – share information virtually





Sgt Neil Goosey – follow up from outstanding questions last meeting.

Police Training / Diversity in Police Training


a.     Probation (Basic Training)

b.     On-Going

c.      Bespoke


Ø  Basic training – competency and values framework – broad principles of Equality and Diversity.   All go through the training programme – every stage police officers training referenced back to police officer behaviours. Equality & Diversity embedded through all initial training.


Ø  On-Going – lots of ongoing Diversity training –

a.     Electronic system – all Police Officers have access to

b.     Self identify / Peers training need – electronic platform


Ø  Bespoke – training that is mandated to someone as a result of an activity (performance, misconduct / grievance) – need is identified and addressed – embedded, operational and pertinent to what our colleagues are doing.


Ø  Is the training Mandatory? Yes, Competency and values framework - must achieve a standard to pass the probation - not just the understanding, you must demonstrate it in policing.

Ø  Is the training face to face? Blended training – part face to face, web based, scenario.

Ø  How is the effectiveness of the training evaluated?  Through evaluation of meeting the standard framework. Secondary assessment - Peer assessment team.  It cannot be blagged, evidence based and consistently evidenced.

Ø  Is the EDI training delivered ty a facilitator with a diverse background? How is the impact of the training being realised within the force? Where is the evidence? Training all the time, diversity within the training, real live experiences.

Ø  Is there training for Police Officers - mental health outside and within? Discussed neurodevelopment disorder – As reported how little we know – work needs to be done - needs to be developed – Police to look at and equip our officers.  Action: AS to raise with the network & support.


For Operational Colleagues: -

·       Mental Health first aiders now training (funding from the Police Mutual to train)

·       Process – TRIM – Trauma Management – if a police officer is exposed to trauma – team to support them – not mandatory but recommended.

·       Occupational Health system in place

·       Diffusing – initial discussion with supervisor, colleagues and peers – understand emotions and how you feel

·       Trade union federation – welfare and support

·       We are not doing a sticking plaster exercise to trauma – we have a longer-term understanding.



Un Anti-Racist Day – Saturday 20th March – JW to share details. On-line 1-2pm Live Link across the world.  5pm – On-line Rally.



Items for Discussion at the Next Meeting


Date Of Next Meeting


Items for Discussion at the Next meeting

·       Psychological Services – Diana Belfon

·       NHFT – AS – regular invitation to all meetings


JW asked if any colleagues have an agenda items they would like to add – please email directly.



Date of next meeting: 20th May, 18hrs


Meeting closed at 13hrs