Agenda and minutes

Venue: The Jeffrey Room, St. Giles Square, Northampton, NN1 1DE.

Contact: Partnerships and Communities Team  0300 330 700 e-mail:

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Welcomes, introductions and apologies


ATTENDANCE: Cllr Brian Oldham (BO, Chair), Roger Rumsey (RR, Co-Chair), Jamie Wells (JW, NBC), Michael Macleod (MM, NBC), Geoff Simms (GS, Abington Residents Association), Tony Mallard (TM, E.R.A and Veterans), Alan Wright (AW, Independent), Norman Sharp (NS, Independent), Tom Appleyard (TA, Independent), Brian Nichols (BN, Independent), Mike Hill (MH, Independent), Anna King (AK, NBC Councillor), David J Hewitt (DH, Independent).


APOLOGIES: Jaqueline Forrest-Smith, Veronica Male, Jennifer Shaw, Ann Timson.


Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 185 KB


Forum members read through the Code of Conduct


Jamie Wells - Hate Crime Reporting


JW explained to the forum about how they can report hate crime.

ACTION: MM to send out details via e-mail.


BO: Can move to a Friday then invite the PCC.

ACTION: MM to invite PCC to a Friday session – leave date open.


Minutes and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 74 KB

Please use the link below to view the Minutes of the previous meeting.


Minutes recorded as accurate.


Matters arising – secret shopper programme discussed again. There are many problems across the town regarding the bus service.


Q: What have they done to change the bus station since 2014?

A: Looking to add but stops to Mercers Road.


DH: There is an inevitable conflict regarding buses. Hope the secret shopper goes ahead.


Cllr Mike Hallam - Environmental Services


MH: If I cannot give you an answer for anything yet, I can provide it in 10 days when I have more information.


Went through a large consultation to see what people wanted in the contract. Done under EU procurement rules. Final 5 candidates then final 2 candidates. Cabinet has chosen Veolia.


Key things about the contract – keeping the frequency of bin collection. Moving away from open recycling bins. Keep free green waste. Food waste amongst public are 50% used 50% not – food waste collection will stay. Quality is amongst this service, tendered on price and quality this time, not just price. Must ensure the new contractor delivers quality because the standard at the moment is not good enough.


2 million more will be spent within first year, most in first 3 months to get the standard up to where it should be. If contractor does not give a good standard, there will be service penalties.


Long term plan to clear up Northampton. New enforcement contract, already issued 100 Fixed Penalty Notices. People who think littering is acceptable will be fined.


Q: Are pensioners exempt from collection costs in sheltered housing?

A: Not at the moment £25 is there solely to cover the cost of the vehicle. Previous contract was not flexible but this one is. We will look to work and make relationships with sheltered housing better.

Q: Collecting from sheltered housing would mean you make less trips, so it should cost less.

A: Never say never about working on this.


Q: Is the meeting on the 5th closed to the public.

A: Yes, it is closed.


Q: Are vehicles the assets in the accounts.

A: Yes.


Q: We are getting an extra recycling bin instead of a box? Will it be mixed up?

A: Paper, plastic and metal will go in, glass is to be decided. It will be recycled and not dumped. Now it will be sorted out after, it is better than litter blowing out of the open bins.


Q: Not in sheltered housing though?

A: Many properties aren’t necessarily suitable but we will look at other options.


Q: Will the glass be separated by colour?

A: No, all together.


Q: Will it be brown bin, black bin then recycling?

A: No bi-weekly collection for recycling.


Q: Mixed glass called is cullet.

A: Get a worse price than separated.

Q: Comingled waste is contaminated, can’t recycle that. So the rate won’t go up as it is the worst option.

A: 68% of the people said they want comingling.

DH: Sometimes you have to go against the public.


Q: Are the details online.

A: Yes it is all online.


Q: Citizens of Northampton are the eyes and ears of the town. How many inspectors are there employed?

A: There is one contractor.


Q: How are we going to enforce the contract?

A: There is one contract manager, there are wardens etc. to check.


Q: Veolia are from France, who gets the money?

A: They  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Community News Exchange


AK: Chance to see museum presentation and new enforcement officers. There will also be funding training and the chance to talk to organisations that have been funded over the last year and 3:30pm to 5:30pm. Monday 29th January.


AK: Tea dance is happening again this year, supported by the pensioner’s forum. 28th April at the Great Hall – 1pm-3pm.


JW: Also Vintage Catwalk – old clothes and new clothes. 7pm arrival and 7:30pm start. Free to forum members and £5 to anyone else.


TM: Headlands pub won community pub of the year. Lots of events going on there.


JW: Talked about Buddies of Beckets Memory Project.


TM: Read through his letter about Northampton, his passion for the town and the changes he has seen through the years living here.


NS: There is nothing in the town bringing people in.

DH: Retail is struggling more and more.


MM: Told forum about the Care and Repair leaflets.


Any Other Business


JW: Talked through the secret shopper sheets with forum.

ACTION: JW to contact Steve Burd and John Ellerby. Talk to them about the secret shopper forums and meetings.


JW: Passed round the action plan for the forum.


DH: Could John Rawlings or someone from the NHS give us an update on the current state of the health service and what is and is not possible?


BO: Letter from Ann Timson. She has matters (8 questions) concerning NPH and needs a letter passed on. BO to give to a member of the tenant’s board.


DH: Could we invite Andy from NCC to May forum.

ACTION: MM to invite Andy to May forum



Suggestions for Items for Future Meetings or Forum Activities


Date and venues of future Forum Meetings


29th March, The Guildhall.