Agenda and minutes

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Welcomes, introductions and apologies pdf icon PDF 182 KB


Councillor Phil Larratt (Co – Chair), Martin De Rosario (Co – Chair), D Samwell (Northants Fire and Rescue Service), H Gray (Northants Fire and Rescue Service), B Barber (Individual), L Barber (Individual), K Wheeler (Towcester Medical Centre), M Boyes (Individual), Alice Morgan (Individual), Cllr Ashraf (NBC), Nisha Mejer (NBC), Rashid Munir (Individual), Mike Jackson (British Polio Fellowship), Carl Weininger (British Polio fellowship), Graeme Wilson (Northamptnshire Sport)


Apologies – Jacqueline Forrest Smith, Beverley Mennell, Julie Davenport



Minutes and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 174 KB


Minutes were recorded as to true to record.


Matters arising – Page 4 – CW asked how organisations can promote themselves more to receive more funding.  


Following options –


Partnership Grant – ACTION: AM to contact VIN to help support with this.


Councillor Community Fund – organisations can contact councillors direct.


Organisations can contact the local radio in particular Radio Northampton to help promote themselves.



Election for Co Chair


Martin De Rosario was thanked for his work as Co-Chair and nominated to stand again. This was seconded.


Karen Wheeler - Impact of PIP on GPs


K Wheeler asked for feedback from the forums about PIPs.


Cllr Larratt: No consistency with decision making process. Advised people to contact Community Law for guidance. The organisation has a drop in centre three times a week. They will also take on appeals if people don’t receive an award.


Cllr Ashraf: Even though advice given is good, there is a huge pressure on the staff at Community Law. People have genuine health issues and not awarded. There should be better procedures in place.


MJ: People are embarrassed to give details of the full extent of their disability to assessors. People with Polio do not get better and therefore appeals have been won. Professional support is needed to challenge decisions.


Cllr Larratt: People must let assessors know the worst conditions they endure.


CW: It is a matter of pride and people with disability do not always want help.


K Wheeler: It is difficult for GPs because they are not told the full extent of the issues. Doctors needs facts and dates.


CW: It is recommended that patients take a friend with them to explain the symptoms.


Cllr Larratt: You can receive extension date on appeals if necessary.


KW thanked Forum for feedback. Would like to attend again for future meetings to give updates.





Northants Fire and Rescue


DS and GH gave a presentation about the Northants Fire and Rescue Service and the Draft protection Plan. NFRS are contacting the communities and asking for feedback.


NFRS has become more proactive rather than responsive and educating people as to how to prevent fires. Fire calls have now reduced by 50%.

92% of people have a smoke detector. There is lots of collaboration with Police and Ambulance services and knowledge is being shared.


NFRS has to save £1.5 million. Consultation from Nov 9th – December 21st 2016.


Ring 999 for emergency calls. Ring 01604 797000 for Fire Safety Check.


ACTION: NM to send out presentation.


Questions and Answer:


MJ: Does the Fires Service give courses on how to put people in recovery position?

DS: Will look into this and provide answer. 


CW: Do you have capacity to do everything ie joining the services together?


DS: We are trialling a rural vehicle which provides a joint service – Fire, Police and Ambulance. The vehicle can get on the scene very quickly and can establish whether further support is required. Highly successful so far.


Cllr Ashraf: Do you engage with communities where English is spoken as a second language?


DS: Yes. Can take contact details for other groups too.


Defibrillators were discussed and decided that this was an issue for Ambulance Services.


ACTION: AM/NM to invite Ambulance Service to forum.













Disabled Parking


AM sent an invitation to the Councillor who is responsible for Highways  and the Regeneration team at NBC prior to meeting to discuss concerns.


MJ: There should be photos of the owner of blue badge on the actual badge itself.


Cllr L: Photos are on the back but not on the front. In some cities there are blue badge enforcement officers. This needs to be pursued.


Cllr Ashraf: Huge problem in St James especially when the football match is on. There is a lack of enforcement.


Cllr L: There is a significant lack of parking on town especially in Mercers Row and Fish St. 


The lack of disabled parking in St Giles was discussed. CW made a Freedom of Information request and was informed that a consultation took place. The bus bay is in the middle in the road and can create traffic build up. It was asked how an ambulance would get through.


ACTION: Forum members to contact AM or NM if there further concerns about the parking.


Action Plan - International Day with People with Disability. pdf icon PDF 332 KB


International Day for People with Disability – 3rd Dec. 11am -3pm. At Weston Favell shopping centre.


Hate Crime event held on 10th October went very well. Recruited 8 champions. Luisa Jepson, Hate Crime Development Officer for Northampton Inter Faith Forum is approaching communities to ask if they can be reporting centres for Hate Crime.


ACTION: Invite Luisa to next meeting to encourage reporting to this forum.


NBC won Hate Crime Award for the work done by the council.






Community Information Exchange


1st Dec – World Aids Day. 12pm in the Court Yard, Guildhall.


26th Jan – Holocaust Memorial Day.


Cllr Ashraf: Organising food Collection. ACTION: NM to send out email.


GW: Ellie Robinson won Young Sports Personality of the Year Award. Thank you to NBC for inviting her to switch on Christmas lights. 


Sue from Action Support to continue Shopmobility from 6th Dec. Will be renamed to Scooter 2 Go. Prices may change but will be based in same location






Items for Next and Future Meetings


Highways and Regeneration team to attend to discuss town centre parking.


Diabetes – ongoing.


Travel facilities for Disabled People in particular for holidays.




Date of the Next Meeting

January 20th  2017 10:30am – 12:30pm, The Guildhall


20th January 10.30am – 12.30pm. The Guildhall, Northampton