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To approve the minutes of the proceedings of the Meeting of the Council held on 14th September, 28th September and 2nd November 2020.

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i)                 Councillor Cali to propose and Councillor Ashraf to second:


Fireworks have gone from being a once a year, bonfire night event to being used throughout the year to mark many different events. In fact, over Christmas and New year they seem as popular as on Guy Fawkes. While they can bring much enjoyment to some people, they can cause significant problems and fear for animals and other people.


It is not only domestic animals but also farm livestock and wild animals who can suffer psychological distress and injuries, sometimes very serious ones, as they attempt to run away or hide from the noise.


The unpredictable loud and high intensity noises that many fireworks make can cause fear.


The RSPCA believes the law is failing as it does not prevent or sufficiently reduce the risk of fireworks causing distress, injury or anxiety to people, as well as death, injury or distress to animals.


The RSPCA believes that further research is needed to properly understand the impact of noise on animals and a number of things can be done to improve the situation for animals and people by:


        introducing a limit on the public use of fireworks on or close to specific dates and times

        tightening restrictions on the sale of fireworks in the run up to Bonfire night

        reducing the maximum noise level of fireworks sold to the public, ensuring they are labelled accurately

        licensing all public firework displays – and ensuring displays are better advertised to the public.


Whilst we recognise that this is a regulated activity, the regulation of which is via trading standards through the County Council, we believe that Northampton Borough Council can play a part in supporting the RSPCA campaign.


This Council resolves:


1.     to require all public firework displays within the local authority boundaries to be advertised in advance of the event, allowing residents to take precautions for their animals and vulnerable people.

2.     to actively promote a public awareness campaign via social media and other ‘Let’s Talk’ opportunities about the impact of fireworks on animal welfare and vulnerable people – including the precautions that can be taken to mitigate risks.

3.     that the Leader of Northampton Borough Council write to the UK Government urging them to introduce legislation to limit the maximum noise level of fireworks to 90dB for those sold to the public for private displays.

4.     to share this information with the local suppliers of fireworks to encourage them to stock ‘quieter’ fireworks for public display.


Matters of Urgency Which By Reason Of Special Circumstances The Mayor is of The Opinion Should Be Considered.